Dog-Friendly Vehicle Features You Should Consider

Whether you're a new pet owner or an experienced pet owner, you might be wondering which features to look for in a vehicle. One vehicle feature that is convenient for you and your pet is flat flooring. Flat flooring helps with crate accommodation. If you prefer a small or mid-sized vehicle, make sure flat flooring is a vehicle feature to ensure your pet remains safe and comfortable.

An accessible entrance and exit is another feature that makes a vehicle dog-friendly. As your dog ages, it will become more difficult for them to jump in and out of the car, so look for a vehicle that has low rear and side entrances. Ramps and other incline solutions are temporary and will become obsolete as your dog ages. Inlines that are too steep can hurt your dog's legs and result in a variety of injuries.

Multizone climate controls are beneficial for you and your pup. This type of climate control helps keep everyone in the car cold or warm without someone having to suffer for the other's comfort.

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